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The World's First online LSD MIcrodosing coach

"Education and awareness are the key focuses of The Third Wave's psychedelic advocacy bent, says Austin, adding that there's a lot of misinformation out there related to drugs, not to mention safety concerns. Psychedelics are, after all, illegal in the U.S. But since many of the early adopters of microdosing are professionals in their twenties and thirties, Austin believes that these forays into mindful microdosing bode well for what he sees as the bigger picture: community building among social entrepreneurs.

Could smart and safe microdosing change the conversation surrounding psychedelics? Microdosing has ignited interest for an audience apart from society's fringe, and could signify a meaningful step in that direction. '[Psychedelics] help to accelerate a maturation process,' says Austin, 'where we can see that we're not operating within silos. Instead, we're operating as part of a larger collective and part of a larger community.'"

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Silicon Valley's LSD habit is exploding, and now a 27-year old is offering how-to tutorials over Skype

"Paul Austin's favorite way to open a TED talk is by telling his audience that he took LSD that day.

Austin, 27, bills himself as a professional microdosing coach. After personally experimenting with the regimen — which involves taking tiny, "sub-perceptual" doses of LSD or another psychedelic for up to 7 months — Austin said he was inspired to share what he learned with the world. He now offers 30-minute Skype microdosing "consulting" sessions for $127 through his website, The Third Wave."


Molly at the Marriott: Inside America’s Premier Psychedelics Conference

"Paul Austin, 26, of Grand Rapids, Mich., a so-called social entrepreneur who runs a website called The Third Wave devoted to getting out information on psychedelic substances, had come to meet other members of the pro-psychedelic community and share with them his vision for how the next generation must proceed. 'A lot of the people who are leading the movement now are 60 or 70 years old, based in academia or research,' Mr. Austin said. 'But to catalyze change, you have to speak to people, get to them on an emotional level.'"



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