Founder of The Third Wave, entrepreneur, public speaker and author.


Paul Austin explores pragmatic ways to change the cultural conversation around psychedelics, focusing on the intersection of science, psychedelics, and self-optimization. 

Paul’s work with microdosing has been profiled on and Business Insider, with mentions in the New York TimesPlayboylifehackerThe Economist, and the Financial Times

In September 2015, he began his platform The Third Wave, the fastest growing online resource for psychedelic education and community.

In September 2017, he co-founded Synthesis, a psilocybin truffle retreat oriented towards creativity, personal development, and self-actualization. 

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Paul Austin - Founder of The Third Wave speaking at GDI

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Having spoken about microdosing at a number of business conferences, Paul will craft a message for your audience to help them understand the growing role of psychedelics in next-generation business 



Having worked with clients across various industries, Paul can customize an ideal psychedelic protocol to catalyze transformation in your personal and professional life.



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