Cultural Voice for Personal Transformation through Psychedelics

Having spoken about microdosing at The Next Web, SXSW, and Tech Open Air, I’ve developed a powerful and effective message about how psychedelics will catalyze change in how the individual approaches work. After my talk, your audience will have a clear understanding of intentional, responsible psychedelic use for growth and development. Further, they will also have a new perspective as to how the use of psychedelics will facilitate transformation for leaders in all industries.

Psychedelics for Personal Transformation

In facilitating discussion around the intersection of psychedelic use, well-being, and emerging models of 21st century workplace culture, I provide an accessible touchpoint to catalyze conversation about the importance of legitimizing psychedelics for exploration, personal development, and creativity.

My Speaking Topics

Microdosing and Peak States
Psychedelic Use for Personal Transformation
Aligning Personal Purpose and Mission with Work
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What People Say About My Work

Paul does a great job of deconstructing and synthesizing tricky subject matter—the stuff that would otherwise be out of reach for most. His presentation is stellar and he holds space on stage like a real pro.
Steven Kotler
American author, journalist, entrepreneur
Paul’s speech was very well received and the authenticity of his talk and the sharing of his experience and insights much appreciated. We have received great feedback for having had Paul speak at the event.
Laura de Wolf from GDI
Director Conferences & International Projects
The Third Wave’s vision is a new and non-medical, non-spiritual way to make evident the benefits of safe and effective psychedelic use to the public in general. I am impressed with its integrity, inventiveness and value.
Dr. Jim Fadiman
Psychologist, Writer

About Me

Currently, I’m a leading voice on the use of psychedelics for personal and professional transformation. As an early adopter of microdosing, a practice now widespread in tech and entrepreneurial circles, I found a message to bridge the decades-old topic of psychedelics with the world of creativity and technology. My why is to introduce microdosing as an accessible way to begin the process of personal transformation.
Because of my early personal work with high doses of psychedelic substances, I pursued an unconventional path that led to starting The Third Wave in mid-2015. By aligning a deeper sense of purpose and mission with his contribution to the world, I’ve (somehow) become a leading voice in the intersection of purpose, mission, and contribution.
But my work goes beyond the topic of microdosing. I’ve founded two companies in the psychedelic space: The Third Wave and Synthesis. The Third Wave is focused on increasing cultural psychedelic literacy through the lens of microdosing. Synthesis, a venture-backed legal psilocybin retreat center in the Netherlands, provides safe, effective, and legal high-dose experiences for individuals.
In sum, my vision is to help facilitate our society’s transition from a competitive, zero-sum mindset to a collaborative, social entrepreneurial approach that integrates purpose and meaning into the workplace. It is my belief that psychedelics will act as a major technological tipping point in facilitating this transition, helping Western culture to step into a ‘new story’ that is based on interconnectedness, abundance, and harmony.

What I bring to your event

Expertise on Psychedelics in the Professional Sphere

Through The Third Wave, the organization I founded in mid-2015, we explore pragmatic ways to change the cultural conversation around psychedelics, focusing on the intersection of science, psychedelics, and self-actualization. Part social entrepreneur, part psychedelic advocate, I love to challenge cultural norms to create space for the development of new systems that help, not hurt, the individual. Lending his expertise on the intersection of psychedelics and new workplace norms, Paul will give your audience insight as to why psychedelics will be one of the premier tools for creativity and leadership in the 21st century.

Insight into Personal Transformation

As personal mission and purpose becomes more intertwined with work, the transformation individuals undergo as a result of psychedelic use will impact the work they choose to pursue. What transformations do individuals undergo as a result of psychedelic use? How does this change their relationship to work? These are a couple of the questions your audience will understand through my contribution.

Engagement and Entertainment

It is my intention to keep your audience on their toes (and off their smartphones!) for the entirety of my talk. Engagement is critical to ensuring my message is heard and understood.


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