Paul Austin - Founder of The Third Wave

What's Paul's Story?

Through his platform, The Third Wave, Paul Austin explores pragmatic ways to change the cultural conversation around psychedelics, focusing on the intersection of science, psychedelics, and self-optimization. Part social entrepreneur, part psychedelic advocate, Paul pushes accepted norms to develop new systems in which we live as a global society.

Through his personal 7-month microdosing protocol, Paul experienced the tangible benefits of microdosing LSD, including an acceleration of learning ability, easier access to flow states, and an improved sense of total presence, particularly in relationships. His personal experience with microdosing inspired his push to legitimize psychedelic substances via the topic of microdosing.

Paul is an entrepreneur, public speaker, and published author. He currently lives in Brooklyn, having settled down after 5 years of international travel.  


Paul's Projects

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Paul's first project - TOEFL Speaking Teacher - focused on preparing professionals for the TOEFL, a standardized test non-native speakers must take to either attend graduate school or begin working in the United States. Paul sold this to a colleague, and the platform continues to provide training and education.

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The Third Wave

Founded in January 2016 after an acid trip in Budapest, The Third Wave focuses on changing the cultural conversation around psychedelics via the topic of microdosing. Paul is currently pursuing non-profit status, in hopes of improving global psychedelic literacy by facilitating research on microdosing. 



Founded in September 2017, Synthesis facilitates personal transformation for professionals via moderate to high dose psychedelic experiences. While all current research focuses on improving medical conditions, Synthesis aims to understand the relationship between psychedelic use and the betterment of well-being. 


Work with paul


Having spoken about microdosing at a number of business conferences, Paul will craft a message for your audience to help them understand the growing role of psychedelics in next-generation business.

1-on-1 coaching

Having worked with clients across various industries, Paul can customize an ideal psychedelic protocol to catalyze transformation in your personal and professional life.